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  • LIAFO on Facebook - As an additional resource to our members for announcements, updates, rules discussion, etc. the Association has established a LIAFO page on Facebook that will be available to association members only.  In order to find, search LIAFO and then click on "Join the Group".  Once you have been verified the administrators will approve inclusion in the group.  

    WEBSITE -  Hot News on the Web Site is available for viewing to all.  All other tabs, including Forums and administration require the user to log in. To Login click on the sign in space in the upper right hand corner of the home page.  Once logged in there is an Announcement that includes a link to Instructions how the web site works. If you are unable to login please contact Harry at registration@liafo.org with the nature of your problem (i.e.  forgotten user id or password , which are the most common) and it will be corrected. 

  • The Spring Football Season is targeted to start on March 13. If anyone is looking for additional study resources

    attached is a link to the Football Resources sale at the Referee Training store at Referee.com.



  • NFHS EXAM Availability (updated 1/25/21) 
    The NYS Federation is requiring all officials to retake the NFHS Part II Exam as preparation for the 2021 Spring Football Season.
    Tests are available via the the following web page:   https://exams.nfhs.org.  You can use your previously established login or setup a new one

    Note the State is NEW YORK and the Local Association is LIAFO.

    Instructions for login/setup are attached in the link below.

    Test Date Reminders

    Test Dates
    New York 2020 Football Part II
    Mandatory for all officials
    Available From: 02/15/2021
    Available Until: 03/12/2021 
    All members must take the Part 2 test online in order to
    become certified and eligible to work BOCES games.
    You must also post a score of 85 or higher. You may
    take the test as many times as you like up until the posted
    deadline in order to record your score.
  • Training and Education Resources available from Referee Magazine:
    Referee Magazine provides a free weekly review email covering a wide range of topics and sports. The weekly review and other great resources that are available for free including tips, philosophies, pre game, etc.
    The link to register for the weekly review and free guides can be found below. Just register your email, select your choices and they will be delivered direct to your email:
  • 2021 Membership

    Meeting Dates delayed until

    further notice*

    Unless otherwise noted,

    all meeting times are at

    7:30 PM at Bethpage HS

    Membership Meeting Dates


    Feb. 24, 2021

    2021 Mandatory Zoom Meeting includes Diversity training




    General Meeting


    General Meeting


    General Meeting


    General Meeting & Nominations


    Annual Meeting & Elections


    Annual  LIAFO Dinner



    Members must attend the 2 mandatory meetings

    Highlighted in RED BOLD and 4 of the 6 remaining

    meetings for a total of 6  meetings attended. 

     * ONLY one of the Clinic meetings need to be attended.

    Please note that some dates May be subject to change

    **The Annual LIAFO Dinner does not count as a Meeting Date.

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