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  • LIAFO on Facebook - As an additional resource to our members for announcements, updates, rules discussion, etc. the Association has established a LIAFO page on Facebook that will be available to association members only.  In order to find, search LIAFO and then click on "Join the Group".  Once you have been verified the administrators will approve inclusion in the group.  

    WEBSITE -  Hot News on the Web Site is available for viewing to all.  All other tabs, including Forums and administration require the user to log in. To Login click on the sign in space in the upper right hand corner of the home page.  Once logged in there is an Announcement that includes a link to Instructions how the web site works. If you are unable to login please contact Harry at registration@liafo.org with the nature of your problem (i.e.  forgotten user id or password , which are the most common) and it will be corrected. 

  • Fellow officials,

    Reminder that our first general meeting is being held at Bethpage on June the 19th at 7pm.  2018 Rule Books, ratings, etc. are to be picked up at this time.  If you are unable to attend please let Frank know and arrange to have someone pick up your materials.


    Thank you,
    Bob DeThomasis

  • Long Island Football Officials Clinic
    Saturday, June 30, 2018
    Lutheran High School - 8 AM - 4 PM
    At the request of the Long Island Football Officials Clinic please see below:
    We hope that you will join us for our seventh annual Long Island Football Officials Clinic. Following last year’s extremely successful clinic, we have assembled another group of prominent NFL officials for your instruction and guidance. It is our goal to provide high school football officials with the training and expertise they need to take their game to a higher level.
    This staff will be conducting group discussions, breakout sessions by positions, film reviews and on field demonstrations. These classes have been designed to give every official some of the advanced mechanics they need to succeed and elevate their officiating skills.
    The NFL staff:
    Ed Camp                        Steve Zimmer                                   Jimmy DeBell                               Brad Allen
    NFL HL #134                NFL FJ #33                                        NFL SJ #58                                   NFL Referee
    We are pleased to announce the addition of Brad Allen to the staff of our seventh annual Long Island Football Officials Clinic. Brad will join our current staff and conduct the breakout session for the referees and umpires.
    Time & Place:
    Saturday, June 30th, 2018. 8:00am – 4:00pm
    Long Island Lutheran Jr. & Sr. High School
    Directions to Lutheran: http://www.luhi.org/contact.cfm
    $ 70.00 Light breakfast and lunch are included
    Attendance is limited. To reserve your seat, go to our web-site,
    download the registration, complete the form and follow the instructions for submission.
    Contact: Ed O’Brien
    e-mail: zebra41@verizon.net
    Home Phone: 631-692-2731 Mobile Phone: 631-835-0581

    2018 LIFOC Brad Allen Intro..docx

    2018 LIFOC Clinic Flyer.docx

  • Letter from LIAFO President 

    Dear Fellow Officials:

     Chris Acheson, Pete Siegmann and I attended a meeting, with all of the sports coordinators, association presidents and BOCES representatives. The main purpose of the meeting was to update us on several issues. (listed below) It seemed to have been a very productive meeting in many ways and we came away with the impression that we all need to work together to achieve all of our goals.

     The major issues addressed were:

    1. Membership: all associations are sorely understaffed. We need to get more young people interested and involved with ideas on how to retain them. This holds especially true for football. Currently, we do not have enough officials on our roster. Please make every effort to recruit and get people involved.
    2. Ratings: Any rating that you receive can be contested. If you feel you were poorly rated on any game, you must make a formal request to have that rating reviewed and possibly pulled.  The request must go through the president of the association and a review will be handled with BOCES.
    3. The old rule was that a rating that was contested and dropped then the ratings for the entire game were dropped. That means, that if one coach gave a bad rating and the other a good one, you would have both dropped. The new rule now has only the bad rating dropped.
    4. Every unsportsmanlike conduct fouls assessed against a coach, will be investigated and reported to the superintendent of the district. Any official that is contacted in any type of probe or investigation is not to speak to anyone. Report the incident to the head of the ethics committee and he will follow up.
    5. All officials will no longer be able to “black ball" multiple zones. You are only allowed to black ball ONE ZONE.
    6. You must keep your availability up to date. If you fail to do so and you are assigned a game, you will be charged for any turn back.
    7. We will be separating the names of the members of the association into categories. Officials that work section 8, clock operators, college officials etc. This is to give everyone a better idea on who can work on the field. This will have NO IMPACT on the assignment of games to you. If you are available to work, you will be assigned
    8. BOCES claimed the right to assign all  playoff officials regardless of the association charter.  This is all sports. This will not go un- contested by football!   As I have said, we are actively working to produce an alternative to the ratings system and the assignment of our officials on all levels.

    These are the major points covered. My apology for not reporting sooner - too many obligations with my job!

    Please feel free to call or e-mail me with any questions or comments. Our next board meeting is Wednesday the 11th of April at Bethpage High School @ 7 PM. Please let me know if you are interested in attending and if you would like to speak. If so, then  please let me know and send me a brief note of the topic at least one week in advance, so we have adequate time to prepare.


    Bob D.

  • To All LIAFO Officials,

     We are undergoing final preparations for the 2018 re-staffing draft which will be held the night of our first annual meeting on June 19.  In order to assist in maintaining an efficient draft process  ALL OFFICIALS MUST RESPOND by MAY 16th  whether they are entering the draft or not.  If you plan to enter the draft and have not yet responded please complete the survey as per the link below.  If you cannot access the survey please complete and return the attached form.

    Current Draft Eligible Officials in Good Standing ALL DRAFT ELIGIBLE OFFICIALS (not currently on a crew or leaving current crew) MUST RESPOND by MAY 16th whether they are entering the draft or not.   If you plan to enter the draft and have not yet responded please complete the survey as per the link below.  If you cannot access the survey please complete and return the attached form.

    Current Referees/Crews – Referees should confirm all  changes to crew personnel, and needed positions so that the proper allocation of eligible positions can be accounted for. 

     All information should be provided by  to Draft Committee at  Tim O’Neill at ctoneilljr@gmail .com   AND/OR Tom Hacker at tomotto50@gmail.com

     Thank you.

    Tim O'Neill, Chair - 2018 Draft Committee

    Tom Hacker

    LIAFO- Blank Draft Questionnaire (002).doc

  • Dear fellow officials,
    Our meeting between the new varsity candidates and the referees looking for to draft went very well. My personnel apology for not attending and my thanks to Matt, Tom and Tim for putting together a great program. I hope everyone came out with the information with a good sense of where they are going with the draft.

    Please remember, the draft is being held at the Bethpage high school on June 19th immediately following our general membership meeting which begins promptly at 7pm.
    Any questions, please feel free to call me any time.

    Please help out our dinner committee! Sell ONE ad in our journal!
    Yours in football
    Bob DeThomasis
  • 2018 Meeting Dates*

    Membership Meeting Dates  @ Bethpage HS 
    June 19th


    August 13th Clinic
    August 20th General - Scrimmages
    September 6th General
    September 20th General
    September 26th Nominations
    October 3rd General
    October 10th Annual Meeting
    TBD Playoff Meeting
    Tuesday, Nov 20 LIAFO Dinner

    *Please note that some dates may be subject to change

    Members must attend the 2 mandatory meetings and 4 of the 6 remaining meetings.

    BOLD Meetings in Red are mandatory