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  • LIAFO on Facebook - As an additional resource to our members for announcements, updates, rules discussion, etc. the Association has established a LIAFO page on Facebook that will be available to association members only.  In order to find, search LIAFO and then click on "Join the Group".  Once you have been verified the administrators will approve inclusion in the group.  

    WEBSITE -  Hot News on the Web Site is available for viewing to all.  All other tabs, including Forums and administration require the user to log in. To Login click on the sign in space in the upper right hand corner of the home page.  Once logged in there is an Announcement that includes a link to Instructions how the web site works. If you are unable to login please contact Harry at registration@liafo.org with the nature of your problem (i.e.  forgotten user id or password , which are the most common) and it will be corrected. 

  • Annual LIAFO Dinner
    November 22, 2022
    Milleridge Inn Carriage House
    6:00 PM

    Starting 7/20, we are no longer using Sportspak to update our calendars and accept games assigned by Boces.  Below is the website that will be used to replace Sportspak.  We suggest you save it.    


     The first time you go onto the website:  On the left hand side where it says OFFICIALS LOGIN:

    1. Click on “Forgot your PIN?” and enter your email address you use for all boces assignments, click send
    2. A temporary PIN # will be emailed to you…..copy this #, go back to the website and paste it where it says PIN # and enter your email address, click LOGIN
    3. On the “Personal Info” page
      1. Confirm your Name, email address, phone #’s and Home Address
      2. ****Most importantly****

                             i.      Create a new PIN # that you will remember when logging in

                             ii.      Enter your Social Security #...YOU MUST DO THIS

                             iii.      You DO NOT need to complete the banking information on the right hand side….LEAVE THAT BLANK

                             iv.      Go to the bottom of the screen and click “SAVE CHANGES”

     If you have any issues getting on the website, contact Louise at Louise.kababie@rschooltoday.com  / phone: 952-960-4999 and  she will assist you.

    Attached below is the link to the recorded review training session: 

    Meeting Recording:


    Access Passcode: Et@d@@6N

    Refview-Forgot_pin_page.pdf Refview-Forgot_PIN_Reset_Verification.pdf Refview-Login_Page.pdf Refview-Personal_Info_Page.pdf

  • 2022 Membership

    Meeting Dates 


    May 1

    Referee Crew Status Responses Due


    June 8

    Crew Re-Staffing Draft


    June 28

    Membership Meeting /Rule Book Handout



    Aug 29


    Aug 13



    Sept 8

    Sept 22*

    Oct 11

    Oct 20


    White Hat Meeting


    Mandatory Membership Meeting & Clinic


    Membership Meeting

    Membership Meeting

    Membership Meeting

    Membership Meeting


    Jericho Fire House 7:30 PM





    The following meetings all at Bethpage High School. 9/22 is at Middle School.

    7:30 PM


    Nov 3

    Mandatory Annual Membership Meeting & Elections

    Bethpage H S

    7:30 PM

    Nov 22

    Annual  LIAFO Dinner

     Milleridge Inn

    Members must attend the 2 mandatory meetings

    Highlighted in RED BOLD and 4 of the 6 remaining

    meetings for a total of 6  meetings attended. 

     * ONLY one of the Clinic meetings need to be attended.

    Please note that some dates May be subject to change


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