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Long Island Association of Football Officials

Welcome to the Web home of the members of LIAFO

celebrating 90 years of service.



The Long Island Association of Football Officials (LIAFO) is a member of the New York State Association of Certified Football Officials (NYSACFO). We are celebrating over eighty years of service to the football community of Nassau County. LIAFO provides professional officials to the participating high schools in Nassau County. All of our members are dedicated to the sport of football and enjoy the camaraderie of working together to ensure those who participate in this sport have the opportunity to play in a sportsmanship environment.


This site provides basic information required by our members and an opportunity for others to enjoy the professional experience of officiating. In addition, it provides links to other information sources of interest to our officiating community. Suggestions to enhance your experience are always welcome.


Thank you for visiting with us.


If your are interested in becoming a professional in this sport, we usually have a school for new Officials starting during the first quarter of each new year. For additional information click the following link. https://liafo.org/become-an-official

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